11 Things You Dont Know About Me 11/2010

  1. I eat grits drowning in butter every single morning
  2. Broke my wrist while roller skating backwards 
  3. My 1st job was in a salon that serviced celebrity clients
  4. Id rather shop than eat
  5. Been single for 5 years 
  6. Obsessed with organization
  7. Once, dropped out of college to become a manicurist, but I went back :) 
  8. I re-purpose old socks and tees by cutting them into rags for cleaning
  9. Have a daughter who plays Division 1 college basketball
  10. Prefer Twitter over Face Book
  11. Burned Thanksgiving dinner last year and ended up at Boston Market


  1. How cool! Grits and butter sound yummy! Have you ever tried it with sugar?

  2. never tried with sugar, but my daughter keeps telling me its good :)