Gwyneth Waverly Bootie

  Stumbled on this for $59 bucks, retail price starting at $169.

Images via Ideeli.com
A note about the designer:  
 Gwen Frempong-Boadu, with over 20 years experience— worked for Sam and Libby, Kenneth Cole, and Steve Madden, shes an industry veteran who swears you don't have to sacrifice comfort for style.  Her shoes feature a patented sock cushion technology and flexible sole.  

Oh, one really important thing about this brand I nearly 4got -- they pride themselves on designing shoes in larger sizes, up to 13.   That's a rare advantage, and I'm sure there's some women out there who can appreciate it.  So I was thinking the shoe may run large b/c of this concept. It was advertised as "run true to size" but now a days that phrase seems to be a cliche.  Cant wait to receive them, will keep you posted.  XX


  1. Fabulous! I believe that leopard print will never go out of style, especially not in footwear...

    xo ShoeTease