Rock & Republic Darcey Studded Bootie



I keep saying im done with studs, but the rocker chick in me emerges every time I feast my eyes on  R&R shoes.  Darcey is my fave, what's yours?!

images via giltgroup.com


  1. So i finally got Darcey in my closet and looove it!! The leather, workmanship, style, and comfort of this boot is top shelf. Im excited about this b/c I had a bad experience with a R&R purchase before and got turned off by the brand b/c of it. Well, they redeemed themselves with this one and Im a fan again. I ordered 40.5 or 9.5 and it has a little extra room in the toe which I prefer in a pointy toe boot, although I probably could have fit a 9 just as well I dont mind the extra space. I read so many mixed reviews on this brand, but after ordering and returning several times, I have finally figured out that R&R shoes generally run true to size if your foot is semi narrow. And, as stated before, in the event the shoe has a pointy toe, I would recommend sizing 1/2 size up.