Rock & Republic Alayna Chain Pump

Found this R&R pump on Amazon, pretty good deal under $75.  The design of the shoe is super cute and Im sure the chain detail is what wheeled me in to this selection, but...... 


Unfortunately things went downhill fast.  In case you haven't noticed the lack of excitement in my tone -  let me just say im not happy with this shoe.  First the sizing is way off, ordered 39, fit like a 40.5, nearly 2 sizes too big.  The chain was a pain to latch, super small hook that you can barely see, found myself twisted up like a pretzel trying to get it fastened.  Finally the material is stiff, less than adequate quality of patent/poly  for a brand of this caliber.

Not a good start being this would've been my 1st pair R&R, so these went back due to improper sizing & poor workmanship on the latch. Although I'm a frugal shopper, Im not willing to ever sacrifice quality for price.  If I ever encounter this brand again, I'll be extra cautious about the sizing, and only buy in store so I can try it on before purchasing.  I still love their jeans though -

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