L.A.M.B Kapono Platform Sandal Review

Take a look at Kapono, my latest and greatest obsession by none other than L.A.M.B.  I drooled over this shoe all summer long, then finally purchased on sale several weeks ago on shopbop.com.   Although I adore the brand for its intricate details and semi edgy style; I haven't been extremely impressed by their inconsistent sizing.....

These shoes DO NOT fit true to size, they fit rather small for that matter; In fact one whole size small.  I purchased size 10, of which I'm normally a 9.5, and my toes still touch the very rim of the shoe.  But, because I have  purchased more than 25 pairs of L.A.M.B shoes, I have learned to always size up.... then once I purchased a L.A.M.B pump in a size 10 and it was slightly too big.  So I would say get to know the brands sizing before purchasing.  Ive learned their pumps run true to size whereas their open toes run a whole size small.

Although generally you will find your best deals for designer shoes online,  I would recommend trying on in a department store prior to purchasing.  Bloomingdale's and Nordstrom carry a slim selection of the brand.  Otherwise don't spend too much if anything on shipping if you buy online because you may just have to return due to size discrepancies.

Nevertheless I love this brand to death and highly recommend if you are thinking of purchasing Kapona or any L.A.M.B shoe for that matter... this brand brings super high quality and unique style at a price that is affordable if you can catch them on sale.  What ya think about Kapono and has anyone else experienced inconsistent sizing with this brand?

I purchased both colors by the way, absolutely 2d4!

5 1/2 heel
1 1/2 inch platform
Retail $325
Best Price $155 Found on Amazon
Images Courtesy of Shopbop.com with permission


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