Be the First to Know!!

There's nothing worse than going out to purchase something to find out that it was on sale the week before or even worse, goes on sale the week after you made the purchase. Be the first to know about sales, discounts, and give aways by subscribing to your favorite merchants website or mailing list. This gets you VIP status and advance notification on sales that are sometimes exclusive to subscribers. Many of us are worried about spam and excessive junk mail which is a valid concern. To mitigate this, simply create an email account exclusively for your favorite retailers instead of giving out your primary email address.

Many retailers will even reward you for subscribing by sending you a coupon or first time buyers discount. So, before you shop on websites, subscribe first to see if they offer you an incentive. Notifications are usually sent within 48 hours if an incentive is available to first time buyers. Happy Shopping!

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