Price Adjustments (the un-advertised rebate)

So, I purchase a handbag that was on my wishlist for about 30 days. Got so excited when I seen it on sale, discounted by $100. Of course I buy it, bring it home, shove in my closet with the rest of the foolishness going on in there. So it sits and looks pretty on the shelf for nearly 2 months. So im surfin the net, browsing, just having fun and suddenly OMG I see my handbag on "double sale" argghh! Its marked down again for a total savings of $175 at a different store. You know where im going with this right? Yes I did girlyz, I took that bag back, then re-purchased at the new lower price at the other store. Felt so good to get unexpected cash back on a purchase I made 2 months ago. Price adjustments are wonderful and I strategically get them frequently, but there are a few rules I follow to maximize the odds of receiving this type of rebate.

1. Time spent checking prices/ads on a weekly basis is recomended- tracking competitors prices will increase chances at getting cash back as well. The item may go cheaper at a different store than where the purchase was made, in which case you would follow my example above by returning to one store, and re-purchasing from the other. However, this method is more likely successful at high end department stores who offer no question, no time restricted return policy. They generally will not be concerned with the purchase date if within reason, as long as the merchandise is in new/good condition with tags attached. This is the benefit of shopping at caliber department stores- no hassle returns.

2. Know store policy, inquire within if price adjustments are allowed in the event the item is further discounted later. Also, know the time period of which adjustments are granted.

3. Many stores allow price adjustments, but do not advertise it. Hence- the un-advertised rebate! Most will refund the difference if the exact same item is marked down within 14 days (some stores allow up to 90 days) It is so worth it to watch for price changes, the savings can be significant depending on the item. If an item you purchased goes on sale within the policy's time period; simply take your receipt back to the store and ask for an adjustment. It only make sense that most stores will honor this because you could easily return the item, then re-purchase at the lower price if neccesary to get the rebate. The key is to watch for items you buy to get marked down after you purchase. Usually 30 days is the standard time frame for refund, so you have a month at minimum, depending on where you shop, to check back on that item for a lower price.

4. Dont forget to ask about the merchants price adjustment policy b/c they will not volunteer this info. Even if shopping online, price adjustments are allowed, and much easier to track. Simply call the merchants customer service number, have the order number and credit card payment information handy.

Recap: Get price adjustment/rebate by frequently checking for lower price, then take receipt in for your adjustment. Or, track competitors discounts, then return to one store, and re-purchase at new store with lower price. Also, online by checking merchants site for lower prices, then calling customer service with your order number to request the adjustment.

Smart Consumer Rule
: save receipts, merchandise tags, boxes, and packaging for a minimum 30 days. These may be required to receive rebate, adjustment or refund.

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